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Brittany Zachos is a New York City interior designer coming back to her Sarasota-roots. With that, she brings her years-long experience and long-time passion for all things interior design.  Close by, comes her signature aesthetic, a seamless blend of modern/ classical styles with timeless finishes and furniture pieces.

 Her hand and heart have forever remained in her family’s real estate business. For this reason, she has returned to Florida to continue her design aspirations, creating interiors that are cozy, inviting, and warm — much like the place she’s always called home


I've worked with designers all over the world and can honestly say Brittany is one of the most talented, creative and resourceful minds in the biz. Her keen eye for detail and dedication to her craft is unparalleled. It's hard in the business to find designers who raise the bar as high as I do. I'd have her on my team again any day.
Jonathan Scott
Property Brothers

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The Zachos Design Difference


Zachos Design Group provides interior marketing and design services, in addition to project management.  For each resident or business we work with, we oversee the entire project from start to finish. This includes design, bidding, construction, and the final reveal.

 We believe interior design should be an enjoyable experience. But that can quickly be mounted by the complexities of the renovation process. Many are unexpectedly overwhelmed with design options, unsure how to put the pieces together, where to begin, or even how to complete their project. Instead, we establish peace of mind, while working as our clients’ designer, communicator, and project manager in efforts to make their ideas a reality.

 At Zachos Design Group, we bring thoughtful design into residential and commercial properties, focusing on your concept, execution, and everything in between. When choosing us, you will receive a professional’s perspective that guides you through the intricate interior design process towards the space of your dreams.



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