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Interior Design Trends in 2020

Design Trends this year are more about saying “anything goes.” We’re seeing more nods to old classic timeless finishes and arts (Pottery, Tapestries, Black and white). The idea is to have accessories, artwork, and pieces that you love, and pair those with function and contemporary pieces—these would be your main functioning pieces, dining tables, sofas, etc.

The White and Beige Trend

In 2020, White and Beige are making their way back into mainstream living. Now, don’t get me wrong, grey is still very much on-trend. However, you will be seeing a lot more white walls and light furnishings as 2020 continues. Check out my selections below for my favorite white paint colors.

Lived-In and “Aged” Interiors

The current trend for interiors is to have a lived-in and aged (timeless) feeling to the home. This consists of using more and more natural materials such as plaster for walls, Concrete floors or countertops, and implementing texture using fabrics in furnishings.

Another great aspect of this is using all neutrals and using pops of Black within the space.

A big part of this movement is also the Less is More, mentality.  A good example of this trend is by LeAnn Ford. See her living room design pictured below which was featured on Rock Block HGTV.

Antiqued Tapestries

A fun, whimsical trend is large wall tapestries.

I love this look; it adds drama and a focal point to any room. It also helps make a room look larger and also cozy.

I used this in our office in Burns Court Sarasota. I used this tapestry and paired it with a modern table and chairs to bring in a classic and modern design feel for space.

Antique Tapestries - Zachos Design Group Interior Design for Corporate Offices, Healthcare, Retails Design- Anthroplogie-wayfairThe Zachos Realty & Design Group Office

Bold Black and White Interiors

This look will always remain timeless and will have an impact on any room. Black and white can go very classic—when used as a checkerboard floor—or modern when it’s paired with modern furniture and accessories.

Guide to white paint in your home

Check out our design on the HGTV Property Brothers Marc & Ashleigh, where we went Modern. More great photos in our Projects page: Property Brothers.

My thoughts are: keep things simple. Use colors and accessories you love. If you find a piece, buy it. It may not work in every room in your home, however, I am sure there is a spot for any of the special pieces to live. Mix old with new, and let the textures and colors add the depth and character to your home. This is where “modern meets classic” really stands strong when it comes to the interior in homes.

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