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The Best White Paint Colors

How to choose the best white paint colors? Picking white paint can be difficult, to say the least. We have got them all laid out for you!

The Best White Paint Colors

True White: Simply White Benjamin Moore

This hue I used when designing for Property Brothers- Dan & Debra Project located in Chappaqua, New York. We used a lot of pops of color with the backsplash and the furniture throughout the home.  So I wanted to use a very natural and pure white for the walls. That way the high gloss cabinetry and gorgeous quartz countertops would look seamless and bright throughout space.

Property Brothers: Simply White Benjamin Moore
The Best White Paint Colors

Warm White: White Dove Benjamin Moore

I love this color, I used this in my new home my husband and I purchased in Sarasota, Florida. I selected the trim in the same color but used a satin finish and the walls are done in a flat finish.

True white: White Dove Benjamin Moore

I think it is a timeless and fresh white. It works in every room in our home.

Cool White: Horizon by Benjamin Moore

This hue is a gorgeous blueish white. We have used this color on our Eastchester Drive project located in Sarasota, Florida.

I wanted it to be a bit brighter white so, on this project, I had them tint to 50% color. This white feels fresh, bright, and brings in the awesome coastal vibes that Florida naturally has.

I love pairing this paint with neutrals as you can see we used this with Carrara Marble Countertops, natural white oak floors.

Horizon White Benjamin Moore: Sarasota Florida Interior Design, The Best White Paint Colors
The Best White Paint Colors

My advice is if you tend to like a more modern aesthetic, start with the true whites. If you lean a bit more traditional, I would try the soft & warm whites.

My best advice though is to just TRY IT OUT! This is what we do for every single project, no matter how many times I have seen the same color in a different home. It can always look different. Each home is unique and takes on its own color. Based on your natural lighting, your windows, and your ceiling lighting.

My new favorite company makes this so simple! You don’t even need to use a brush or buy a pint. Check it out on their website here: Samplize. I will use these for every project, and makes the painting process so much easier and fun!

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