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Zachos Design Group is a New York-based Interior Design & Interior Staging Group that brings classically modern elements to residential and commercial properties nationwide. We design for the luxury consumer –reflecting their tastes while complementing the architecture and functionality of the space.


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Questions We Ask before Design Project

Questions we ask before a design project

design project

A behind-the-scenes look at our process for our Interior Design Services!

Interior Design is much more than just a pretty space. We have a lot of details that go into the overall process of Interior Design.

At our design firm, Zachos Design Group, in Sarasota, FL. It is essential we help our clients bring their vision, goals, and design aesthetic to life.

We have a few questions we start with at our initial interior design consultation.

If you are thinking about starting an Interior Design project, here is a few questions we suggest you should think about before starting your next interior project.

What is your Design Style?

This question may be hard to know, but we can also help you figure that out! We always suggest you provide images of rooms you like or describe fabric, textures, or the type of furniture. Do you like tufting details on your furniture? Do you like Color? If so, what colors do you like? Which do you hate? Once you pull a few images, it helps us understand which design styles and tones you gravitate towards. There may be a few photos with the same style of furniture or the same type of windows. Learn more about what is your design style
This helps us, help you. Either way at Zachos Design Group, we are confident we would be able to figure out what you love!

What is working, as far as function in this room?

Many times you have a space that is working, the cozy seating arrangement or the fact that you have 10 seats in the room. This helps us as Interior Designers, understand what is working in your space.
You may have a piece of furniture you love, you may want all new! Whether you are redecorating your space or renovating it entirely. This information helps us space plan and layout the best function for your furniture in the room.

What isn’t working for you in this space?

This question may be easy for you to answer! It could be nothing in your home. However, it could be that you need more storage space. It could be you need to repurpose the room entirely. As Interior Designer we can help you figure out these parts of the space and further helps us dive into the design process.

What are your goals for this project?

This question is great because this is where we become problem solvers. Do you need more lighting, do you need more seating? Do you need this room to be a playroom vs. an office space? The possibilities are endless when it comes to Interior Design as we have even moved a kitchen to another side of a home before. It is important the flow of your home works for you and your family.

As an Interior Designer we have our questions to ask, but here is a great article about questions you should ask an Interior Designer before hiring them.


Here is a link to an article with some additional questions.



If you are looking at starting an Interior Design project in the near future, we would love to help here at Zachos Design Group in Sarasota, Florida.

Send your request today!

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